One way to control our life.

‘Life consists not in holding good cards; but in playing those you hold best’ Fortune Cookie

Biologically we are born to live in nature, and that is where we lived until we created cities. Cities were created for protection.

Your successesful kid and the unsuccessful kid

Before we go any further with the subject, I must say that the title I put over there is a click-bait – (if you know what a click-bait is, then skip this paragraph). What it means is, I think of something people like, something their eyes will catch, something they care emotionally and then put it there so that people would be interested and click it.…

Barter System, did early people really used it?

Some studied this in economics class. Not all of us, but those who haven’t studied, will not require a class from Oxford to understand it. Unlike rocket science, this is just common sense.

When we were kids, those were the days – one kid in class exchange his pencil with another kid who have an eraser; this is Barter.…