One way to control our life.

‘Life consists not in holding good cards; but in playing those you hold best’ Fortune Cookie

Biologically we are born to live in nature, and that is where we lived until we created cities. Cities were created for protection. It was a recent creation which dates back to 5,000 years. Comparing with how long humans have been living on earth, that is a short period of time. Though cities does not fulfill the purpose it was created, it has evolved to fulfill many other purposes. Today we get almost everything from cities.

City life is where we are born into. The world is so different today.We drink instant coffee. We eat fast food. Our internet is high speed. Our flights are supersonic. Everything is fast in today’s world. In order to live in this fast moving world, we should move at same speed as the world. If not, soon we will find that we are left behind.

It is not possible to achieve this speed without gaining control of one’s self and environment. Some people think it is not important. However, one cannot get enough flexibility if they are not in control. Issues will arise that will make him slow down. Therefore control is essential to stay on the cutting edge of fast moving world today. Without gaining control one will always find himself stuck on a roadblock unable able to move ahead.

There are two areas one should focus on, 1. Self and 2. Environment. Here I will focus on the Enviroment.

Alfred North Whitehead once said ‘civilization advances by increasing the number of operations we can perform without thinking about them’ This is the first point we need to consider.

A door that opens by itself is more advanced than a door that need a push. There are many things in our life we can automate that way. After automating, one forget all about it. Then we will have more time to have fun.

Let your bills pay by itself. Buy small things in bulk, this way it will reduce frequency of shopping. Marc Cuban does this. He buys cosmetics in bulk, enough for two three years. When you buy bulk, you will get a better discount too.

Do not spend time shopping on ordinary things that anyone can help you buy. For these things Instead of going to shop, order it. Appoint someone to do house keeping, vehicle cleaning, cooking, picking up kids from school and so on. Spend as less time as possible on small things.

If you are a manager, delegate as much as possible. Spend more time on planning, listening, and solving problems. Leave paper works to line staffs.

At least keeping this part in check will make you ahead of everyone.