What makes us fit to face the world.

Just because someone is born in 21st century does not mean he is fit and ready to meet all the demands of 21st century. Just like the child born to a fisherman does not become a fisherman. I’ve seen many fisherman’s kids holding high positions of different companies who don’t even know how to put a bait on a hook. Im not saying they should. They have freedom to choose whatever they want, and I will accept it whether it is what I want from them or not. Anyway, even those kids of fishermen, if they want to do fishing, they must first learn it, after that practice it. More practice, they get better at it.

Some people say this child is a good business man because his father was a business man. That child is a musician because her mother was a musician; music was inherited to her. It seems they are saying children are born with contents from their mother and father’s memory, once mother got pregnant, memory from his mother and father is copied to the child’s brain. If this is true then the world would have made progress much faster than it is doing now. If children are born with their parents memory, each child can remember things their parents did and studied. Grand parents will remember what their great grand parents did and studied. This goes back until it reaches to the first human beings. This way people living today would have memory, knowledge, and experience from the first humans till his parents. We don’t have to learn ABC because our parents know it already. We don’t have to travel to Addu to experience it. Because our parents and their parents already been there and we know what it is like. But if we want to know how it is now, then it is good to go. This is amazing.

As we all know that it is not the case. When we are born, our mind does not contain any memory. 0 mb, just like a blank CD. Once we are born and grew enough, we have to find out what happened in this world before us, what people went through, where we stand, which we will do, which direction we should be headed. How we will find this out?

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Wait a minute Im suppose to write about what makes us fit to face the world right? Yes in fact I’m doing just that. Once you have followed me till end you will have a good deal of understanding of what they are.

So how we will find out what happened before we were born and how far humanity has progressed?

Those people who explored the world, experimented, and did thinking have recorded it for us. It is recorded and stored as text, written down in books. This is not the best way to record something. But that is the best way to record things before camera and audio recording is available.
Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo recorded their travel experience and observations as texts. Reading those texts is the same as getting into a time machine and going back to their days and observing things happening there.

People who have done great things understood that when they die, all the things they did will be forgotten. This is something they don’t want. They wanted as many people to know it and make improvements to it. So whenever someone found something great they record it as text. If you look at any great person, you will notice he has done this. This accumulation of knowledge was the start of human progress. Human I mean personal progress. Every person should start from this, taking the knowledge from greatest people who lived and transfer it to you. Try to copy the mind of at least 20 people. How you will do it? By reading. And what great people you should choose? it’s up to you. For me I started from the oldest to recent, chosen one from each century, skipped few here and there. You can do that too, but it has to be the works of the greatest people who lived during their time.

If you don’t know where you come from, you will not know where you are heading. Which direction to choose. I think we are not meant to live this way, as Maldivians. Sadly most people will never know, they are lost in the vast ocean. the only way to find out where we come from is through past writings.

It is only after this process a person is truely born to 21st Century. You may be thinking hey there are 20 year old, 30 year old people living, who haven’t read or heard any of those. What I say to this is, they are not in the 21st century. Most of them are 1000 years behind. You will know it when you start talking to few of them. Thats all for now. Next Im going to talk about our body.

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Our body is the only thing we own from our birth until death, this is true for everyone. Show me if you have anything you owned 10 years ago? One or two maybe. We own just one body, and we cannot replace it with a new one. We cannot exchange it. Though you can do nose jobs and all, let’s not count it. It’s possible to do all that with everything else you own. But not with your body. So we must take extra care of our body. Maintain it well.

Main purpose of our body is to serve our mind. Every function every organ serve this purpose. Our mind cannot function well in an unhealthy body. Without having a well functioning mind, one cannot function in the 21st century. Therefore to achieve this objective one must eat healthy, avoid anything harmful to the body, toxic liquid, water and air. Learn about different diseases, their cause, and how to avoid it. Webmd is a similar database mainted by national institute for health. When ever you hear a name of a disease don’t ignore it. Instead, go to WebMD and check what it is, and how to avoid it. Most surprising thing I found is almost 99% of major and minor diseases are directly related to cleanliness. You can avoid it just by maintaining proper hygiene and a clean environment.

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Next subject of our discussion is equally important as the other two: Reading, and Health. It is the bread and butter of economics. We spend most of our waking hours either collecting it or using it. It is resources. It’s not possible to be alive without resources that need to keep you alive. Resource is anything that can provide benefits to us. what do Air, tea, car, water, food, house, clothing, information, electricity, help from people, computer have in common? They all are certainly not food. They all cannot be used for entertainment. Hey actually you can. But thats not what I have in mind. Instead, all of above can be used to gain some benefit for us. So anything that can be used to gain some benefit is a resource. Sun is a resource because we use it’s daylight and heat.

All the resources are originated from nature. Fish, water, tree, rock, sand. Sometimes we cannot use resources just as it is given by nature. We have to do little modification. Take cotton, for example; you cannot take cotton directly from trees and wear them. Before you can wear it you have to weave it, and sew it as a cloth. Most of the resources are like that, we take it from nature and do some modifications to make it fit for our use.

Which part is this related to a person to become suitable for 21st century?

As I mentioned earlier, we need resources to survive. We cannot face the world with our bare hands. It is resources that we need in order to face the world. More resources, more things get done. Resources are what makes things happen. No matter how educated you are, how great ideas you have. Without resources you might end up begging on the street. That happened to people. So it must be a high priority.

You might have learned from Karl Marx or Adam Smith that every commodity has two values: 1. Exchange value and 2. Use Value. Every resource is exchange-able. Exchangeable with money. So that means you don’t have to keep raw materials and all kind of resources piled up in a storehouse. Instead whenever you need some resource, you can exchange your money and get it. So what you have to do is pile up cash and put it in some bank. We have made 21st century a place where one cannot even get a glass of water without paying for it. So learn how to make money. Then make money and Keep it in a bank for the time you are going to need it.

Concluding all that, one must do ‘Reading’, taking Care of one’s ‘Health’ and lastly make money inorder to face 21st century.