A gold mine in fuvahmulah

There is a huge gold mine sitting in Fuvahmulah waiting for us to take it. But it seems we have ignored it and just left it aside. This is worse than going for coffee while leaving our kids swimming in the sea on a rough day. Leaving one’s wife is ok; but not the kids.

So the question where exactly is this gold mine is rather an easy one. If one looks at Fuvahmulah from top. Next time carry a binocular while flying, and observe carefully from north to south, first place one’s eye would catch is the Thundi. A beautiful white sandy beach with greenery we call heylhi fasho. This is part of that gold mine. It shines brightly while we fly above by flight. Local people go there to pass time with family, for gatherings with friends, celebrate Maahefungss, and sex.

The large sandy beach lay over the shoreline and move away throughout the year. Depending on the season. But it remain on the shoreline most of the time of the year. This place is suitable for tourists to spend time during the day. They can spend it by swimming, relaxing, playing sports, and other things.
Once promoted enough, this location will be one of the famous travel destination in South Maldives.

After Thundi, the next best locations are the two fresh water lakes. It’s all natural with a lot of mosquitos to annoy you. However, the view is beautiful and it is a nice location for taking pictures. Even some Maldivian movies have been shot there. A location now famous in Maldives. Along with pictures tourists can also do dining and relaxing during sunset time.

Those are the natural beauties in Fuvahmulah. that’s not all. there are more…