My thoughts on perfume.

I’m a perfume lover. Though I can barely afford it, sometimes I save up for months and then with all those savings I would buy a perfume bottle. People can call me whatever they want but this is what I would do. That’s how Chinese billionaires kids do it. Yes. Actually I learned this trick of saving from those kids.

Their billionaire parents, not knowing what to do with their money, send them to Europe and US for further studies; hoping that one day they will become better adults. I noticed these kids love diamonds, gold, jewelleries, dresses, bags, shoes and other luxury stuffs. But they avoid expensive restaurants, spa, sports events, in short, economics-speak, they avoid intangibles goods.

I was thinking about it for a week. Until one evening I realized that when you eat something today you will dump it in the toilet tomorrow. And it’s gone. Within one day. Even if you eat a meal from the most expensive restaurant in town, next day it’s gone. On the other hand, Instead of spending it on a restaurant, if you buy a shoe for the same price, it will last more than a year.

Just like these rich kids, instead of going to restaurants and spend 800 Ruffiyaa, I save it. After staying hungry for one day, run to the perfume shop and buy the latest perfume bottle available there.

I wear perfume not to impress people, but because I love it, I love the smell, on myself and other people.

Everyone should wear perfume. It is so pleasing to hear compliments about your perfume. Especially from the hot chick in Hulhumale BBQ area. Or your boss’ hot secretary. Besides that, people from your workplace will like you if you have a good smell. Smell create memories, and when you smell good, people attach good memories to you. It will make them like you more.

So whether you are working in the office or walking on the street, or having a coffee with friends, or you are on a date with your girlfriend, pleasant smell should always fly from your body.

Let me explain the basics, If you meet these requirements you are qualified. To reach bare minimum, you are required to make a perfume collection with three perfume bottles. Call it bottle A, B, and C. Bottle ‘A’ is for office wear. Bottle ‘B’ is for dress up wear, and bottle ‘C’ for rest of the day. Your goal should be to wear perfume the way you wear underwear – always wear one.

As a rule never use a cheap perfume for office wear or after dressing up. And do not mix up these two. Also these two should be expensive bottles because you don’t want your work colleagues or your friends see you as a cheap guy. So these two bottles should be original perfume from a branded perfume house.

Perfume C is for house wear or during highly informal situations like when you go to shop to buy one kg rice. Or when you go pick up your sister from school. Or when you go to bed. It could be a cheap cologne. Anything between 100 – 400 would be fine.

So an average day a perfume cycle goes like this; you wake up, spray the cheap casual pefume ‘C’ and then spend your time in the house. At 09:00 when you get ready for work, you wear the office perfume and then go to work. After work at 17:00 you come back from office, take a shower and wear perfume B, go for evening ride and coffee with friends.

At the time of writing I have two bottles as Perfume A and Perfume B. Hugo Boss Bottled Night and Versace Eros.

Though both bottles are suitable for office and dress up wear, I use Bottled night for office. The reason is because I do not want to mix up the two perfumes. Versace Eros also last long and it has fruity smell, that makes it more suitable for perfume B.

Situations for perfume C, I have cheap Smart Collection five bottles, roll on 2 bottles, which I don’t like, and a bottle that smell like Black Xs. And also an Arabic Oud bottle that has a horrible smell. No idea what I was thinking when I bought that bottle.

Those are my thoughts on perfume. If you follow those steps I explained here or be creative and add your own ideas over it, you are going to be rocking the world.