The Tool Kits you need for rocking your life.

This idea partly comes from millitary and the other part from a reddit post. In millitary they always prepare themselves ahead of time. Even though they don’t know much about the situation they are going to, they are always prepared. Just like this old saying ‘Winners are always the ones who are best prepared.’

A kit is a collection of items you need in a particular situation. A tool kit is a collection of tools and accessories prepared for dealing with different situations we face throughout the day. When you have all these items within reach and if something happens you can easily deal with it.

My sewing kit contains four needles of different sizes, five threads, five buttons and few pins in small pouch. This kit help me deal with situation where I loose a button, or fix small damages in my clothes. Just like the sewing kit, you need kits for common situations you get into. These kits will help you sort out any problem that might occur so that you can smoothly deal with issues without much headache.

The Work Kit

Going to work while being prepared is essential if you want to become successful in life. Nothing kills your bosses perception faster than being late for the morning meeting and tell your boss that coffee fell on your shirt. Or you went to the meeting room sweating because your scooter ran out of gas and you have to run to the office. The work kit contain items you need for work. Some of these items you may need when you deal with unforseen events.

– Shoe polish: Nothing kills your bosses mood if you wear a dirty shoes.

– Shoe ordor remover: Ever seen a guy walks into an AC room and soon after that the whole place begins to stink? You don’t want to be that guy.

– Wrist watch: A time piece on your wrist signals you are a responsible person. You need atleast one. Preferably two; Lether and Steel. A black or brown leather watch and a stainless steel chronograph one.

– Formal looking sunglasses: You need to wear a sunglasses to protect your eyes. You also need a formal looking sunglasses. Your boss don’t want to see you coming to the office wearing the sunglasses people wear at the party.

– Laptop: I can’t explain how useful this tool is. Sometimes you want to leave the office to get some fresh air and the boss calls and ask what’s the total figure on that tps report. You must not let the boss know that your are out to get some fresh air. These are the times a laptop becomes handy. Besides that you can reply to emails on the go.

– Formal Shoe: Black or Brown

– Pen: Just five ruffiyaa you can get a pen. Keep one in your pocket all the time.

– Rain coat

The Play Kit

Entertainment is a big part of your life. Play kit consists of tools you need for your daily entertainment.

– Tennis shoes

– Sports shirt

– Sports shoes

– Volleyball

– Tennis ball: You can use a tennis ball to play many other games. So it’s a must.

– Bedminton ball & racket

– Water holder

– Sports watch: Another watch? Yes you need a separate watch for sports purpose. Never wear your formal or casual watch for sports events. That’s the quickest way to ruin it.

– Speakers: Preferably a Bluetooth speaker that has high quality sound.

Travel Kit

If you travel a lot like I do. You need items that will help you travel with ease and without headache.

– Toiletries: disposable razor, travel size shower gel, mini body spray, mini hair oil, mini body lotion, disposable tissue, mini perfume spray, wet tissue.

– Tshirt

– Shorts

– Cap

– Bags: You need at least four types of high quality bags. 1. A backpack, 2. Cabin Bag, 3. A luggage Bag, 4. A laptop bag.

Emergency kit

Emergencies doesn’t happen often but it comes uninvited. Not being able to deal with emergencies may cause huge losses and cost lives. Being prepared for emergency is crucial.

– Flash light: Yes I know your phone have a flash light. But you know what? Your phone battery is always nearly dead. You don’t wanna use the remaining power to light up the place.

– First aid box: Cannot emphasize this more. How many homes there are in Maldives without a first aid box. How many offices, cars, boats? Keeping all that aside you need a personal first aid box. Atleast a box that has a band-aid, bandages, wound cleaner, panadol, strepsils, Avomine, eye and ear drops a scissors, a clipper, tape etc.

– Swiss knife

– Bottle opener: If your swiss knife has a bottle opener then no need this one.

– Monocular/Binoculars

– lighter/match box.

solar charger: There are power banks, but one that you use for emergency must have a way to charge via solar.

– Poncho

Sex Kit

Sex may not be as frequent as work or sports but it is something most people engage on weekly basis. That makes it something we cannot ignore. We also face difficult situation during sex and there are tools we can use to overcome such difficulty or problems.

– Condom: A self explanatory contraceptive device. Something that you must have within reach in every situation.

– Massager: Of course there are times when your arms or your whole body gets tired. A massager comes to rescue. It will take over the situation carry on the task till end.

– Cap: This is a small round rubber cap you put on before you wear condom. Having sex while wearing a cap makes you last longer because you don’t feel anything at the tip.

– Plan B: If you have casual sex quite often, then you need to have one. If not its not nessesary.

– Lube

Next task is make a list of these items and after that cross out the items you have. Now you have a clear picture of the items you need to buy. You may not afford everything right away. So I recommend buying one item a month, starting from most important to less important. Also be creative add or remove items that may fit your life well.