Who do u look up for inspiration

Ali, MD, White Sandy beach travels: My inspiration comes from the most influential person lived during the Roman time. He is the most powerful General in the Roman empire. Julius Caesar. He fought many wars, won many battles and gainded respect from the roman people. But in the end he was assassinated by one of his closest companion. …Shakespeare told his life story in the most touching and poetic way.

Me: Wait wait, but how does Caesar inspire you? I mean in what way?

Ali: First thing, Caesar is a very honest and intelligent person who is also a master in the art of rhetoric, I mean he is good with speaking. This skill made him the most influential speaker and debater. Also I think there is nothing that can beat hard work and dedication. This he posses to an extreme degree. No body works harder than him.

Wadde, General Manager, Pearl Hotel Maldives: Napoleon Bonaparte. two things. first, he is the master of all opportunists. If there is an opportunity somewhere, don’t ask me who sees it first. It’s always Napoleon.
Second, he is the master of speed. Before you can stand up, he is already near the finish line.
Two things I learned from him: one: see opportunities quicker than everyone else. two: grab the opportunity faster than everyone else.

Jamal, PhD student: Most inspired person. I think is Socrates.

Me: why Socrates?

Jamal: Because he is the most logical person ever existed. He inspired me to observe and control emotions.He teach us to separate emotions from our thinking. Basically he inspired me to think clearly and much faster and avoid making stupid decisions.

Me: He said ‘know thyself’.

Jamal: Yah and also he is one of the first person who proposed global citizenship. He lived 2,600 years ago.

Me: Yah.

Rasheed, Owner and MD of Green Beam pvt ltd: My inspiration comes from two people.

Me: I need only one. Tell me one person.

Rasheed: Then it’s Aristotle.

Me: Oh really? He is mostly an academic person. Anyway how did you find him inspiring?

Rasheed: His works on Logic, Rhetoric, Physics and Metaphysics are incomparable with any other person’s works.

Me: Ok, so you find his works inspiring?

Rasheed: Not only inspiring, I consider the person is illeterate if he is not familiar with Aristotle’s works.

Me: haha.. Ok.

Nappe, Owner, Orange Boutique inn: Most inspiring person. It’s difficult to pick one. I think Robert Moses.

…If you want to go ahead, learn from people. dead and alive. …Anyone who is dead and worth writing is also worth reading. I mean no one will write about a person like you.. haha..and me. So if it’s written, the guy must have done something big….. you should be careful when reading books about people. yah, there are two types, biographies and autobiographies. … autobiographies written by successful people to promote themselves. It’s full of nonsense… Biographies are written about people, both successful and unsuccessful (people). Winners and losers. So if you want to learn something, learn it from losers. Not winners. winners does nothing but bragging. They hide their mistakes. you learn nothing from them.

Me: Ok, You are saying, learn from mistakes, learn from losers not winners. Read biographies. Winners lie….. Ok. I read Caro’s Biography on Robert Moses. It was amazing. What do you find inspiring about him?

Nappe: He is a master builder. The creator of modern day New York city. Imagine building a city. And he did that within 40 years. Everyone thought he was going to bankrupt the city by spending every penny they owned. I want to be that kind of a builder.

Zaheen, Front office Manager, Five Star Resort: It’s Napoleon (Bonaparte). Yah.

Me: Really? How do you find him inspiring?

Zaheen: He is a master strategist. If you are good with mathematics then it’s a good sign that you are also a good strategist.

Me: I’m not.

Zaheen: The kind of work I do require lot of tactics Napoleon use. Front office is all about speed. …Then he is a hard worker. He work like crazy.
The other thing is he feed his brain more than he feed his stomach. Most people does the opposite.