Some thoughts on backward progress of Addu, Fuvahmulah and Huvadhu

When we observe intellectual level throughout our country, we find the highest number of intellectuals from Male’, after that Addu, then Fuvahmulah, and then the rest of the Maldives. Though there is no statistical evidence to back this up, we all can agree on that.

However even if Male’ has the highest number of intellectuals, if we combine Addu, Fuvahmulah, and Huvadhu, then the total number of intellectuals are way higher than Male’.

Looking back to southern three atolls we are concerned about the slow development in this area over the last 40 years. It is because government focus is directed to Male’. One reason this focus is being fixed there is that the people who run it comes from Male’, most of them haven’t been to south, and they are not aware of the lives and condition of southern atolls.
To move this focus from Male’ there has been some work done by different administrations, notabley past presidents choosing their vice presidents from the south.

As individuals from south, we should think and find out what we can do to fix this matter. It’s also important to remember that we should not ask for more than we deserve. To achieve this, one thing we can do is to get more people into the government. If we have enough people there, it will help in approving projects and other things that can help to develop these areas.
Compare to the number of votes we contribute, there is far less number of people from south. It is important to push our governments to give jobs to southerners with the same ratio of the vote we give.

After that, we also have a responsibility as individuals. Those who create families and produce children, they should keep their aim towards making these children productive ones. Children that are qualified to be in any position of the government, or higher positions in private companies.
Those who produce children should not produce it just to follow the mainstream. But they should produce as much as their income can sustain for their extreme education, health and make them useful to our society, the south.