Looking into Fuvahmulah roads. What is the name of this road?

It is in our nature to give name to different things, when we see a beautiful flower blooming under the mid day sky, we have an iressistible tendency to put our steps closer to it, smell it, touch it’s soft petals and after that, give some name to it.

We have a name for everything that is known to us, and if something new is newly discovered we began to itch to give a name to it. Since there is nothing that exist we know that doesn’t have a name, the same rule goes to the roads in Fuvahmulah.

The name of the roads, that’s what bothered me while I spend my days there. I don’t remember much of the names, but when I was roaming around, on a motor bike, turning left and right while looking at name boards, I remember the overall feeling I got on those days.

What I noticed from those names is that there is no standard, no categories, nothing fixed. It seems that the person who was in charge while building those road had named it whatever came to his mind at the time of naming. If we look at a classical family naming, when the first child is born, they call him Mohammad, second one Ahmed, third, Aisha and so on. It has an order. Not only that, If we look into Animal namings we can find an order. Just by hearing a name, one can identify which genus it’s from, and which kingdom it comes from.

When we name a road, it is important to look not only into the name. But we should name it such a way that by hearing the name, a person should be able to identify and be able to navigate to that road as well.
For eg, if all the roads near thudi is named after fish, and wider roads named after big fishes, one can easily identify the location by hearing the name Bodumas Magu, clearly he will not go inside a narrow road and say ‘Im here’

Names should be something that is pleasant to hear, and short for the toungue as if one is licking an ice cream while saying the name. If you have to say a sentence to name a road, it is an inconvenient, not only that, it is difficult to remember, and difficult to write. If the name is longer than 4 to 5 syllables, then it’s too long. Sadly I found many roads that has these kind of names.

In future I hope the council or whoever is naming these roads will think about the people, and change those inconvenient and difficult names.