My thoughts on perfume.

I’m a perfume lover. Though I can barely afford it, sometimes I save up for months and then with all those savings I would buy a perfume bottle. People can call me whatever they want but this is what I …

Commentary on Aristotle’s Topics part III

How to develop propositions.

Being able to develop propositions is important because without it one cannot create an argument. A carefully constructed proposition is essential for creating a convincing argument. Whether you argue with friends in a coffee or you …

The oldest Ghost story I remember

I’m not sure whether you believe the existence of ghosts or any such spiritual powers people across the world believe without a doubt in their mind. As you may agree that such stories exist in all cultures and all ages,

Begging on the streets of Male’ and Fuvahmulah

I’m a supporter and a defender of humanity. I advocate freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, and other fundamental rights which we see written down on the bill of rights, Napoleonic code, Magna Carta