Basic systems

Imagine yourself holding a shiny fountain pen. It contains liquid blue ink. It has a blue cap and a hard metal tip. The tip is from where the ink comes out. People use it for writing.

Fountain pen is an …

Catch an octopus

Get a sharp pointed spear, Iron or steel
take a mask and fins, dive in to the salt tasting sea.
when the sea is clear and the sun stand straight, you wear the mask and fins,
fit it well, holding …

Beautiful Enemies

Beautiful enemy is someone who disagree with everything we say. They are everywhere. But we tend to avoid them.

We prefer having people who agree with our views. It is frustrating to explain our views to someone who disagree with

Hama buddhi – Part 1

Sarukaaru ufan vun adhi design kurevifai vaa goiy. (Engireysi sarukaaruge asaasee gaanoon thakaa gulhuvaafa.)

Baeh liyuntherin mujuthama’aa sarukaaraa eh maana eh gai
beynun kuramun dhey, e liyun thakun mi dheychakee thafaathu dheycheh kan dheyha
vaakasheh nuhurey. Nama ves Mujuthama’ aa …